Horizen and Auros partners in preparation for the EON ecosystem launch

Horizen and Auros have entered a strategic partnership that will increase widespread access to $ZEN in preparation for the launch of Horizen’s new EVM-compatible smart contracting platform EON.

The collaboration is anticipated to significantly expand the EON ecosystem. The $ZEN cryptocurrency, which supports many EON ecosystem functions and has improved liquidity across centralized and decentralized exchanges, will give traders, DeFi users, and developers more opportunities to participate in a rapidly expanding layer-0 ecosystem.

In addition to providing immediate liquidity, this long-term partnership will cover future projects based on EON in addition to the $ZEN token, offering tailored support based on the particular requirements of each project.

Horizen leverages Auros’ algorithmic and high-frequency heritage

This partnership is supported by Auros’ algorithmic and high-frequency heritage as a significant market participant with daily trading volumes of up to several billion dollars and integration with dozens of venues. In order to ensure that the liquidity for the token matches the growth of Horizen EON, Auros has developed a unique, partnership-oriented approach to liquidity provision.

EON, the first of many smart contract sidechains on the Horizen ecosystem, will be a fully EVM-compatible smart contracting platform. By incorporating Auros’ market-making services, EON will be further established as a useful but accessible network for traders and DeFi users.

Exuding confidence in EON after the partnership, the Co-founder of Horizen, Rob Viglione, said:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Auros, a market leader in algorithmic trading and market-making services. Their expertise in bespoke liquidity solutions will undoubtedly enhance the EON ecosystem. More importantly, the partnership deepens cornerstone liquidity in the ecosystem, delivering more value to our users and enabling seamless trading experiences that will drive the growth of EON as the premier platform for traders and DeFi enthusiasts alike. Together, we are committed to shaping the future of decentralized finance and setting new industry standards.”

Horizen EON is currently operating on its Gobi permanent public testnet and is backed by a variety of tools, integrations, and products, including Auros. With Horizen and Auros working together, the EON ecosystem will soon be home to a variety of dApps and services.



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