Kun Aguero and The Sandbox Join Up to Thrill Fans in the Metaverse

The Argentinian footballer Kun Aguero, who is famously known to have created sheer magic on the football fields with his mastery over the art of striking, coupled with the fact of proudly holding the top position of having won the premier league a spectacular five times in his career, has taken the much thought-out leap and officially joined hands with The Sandbox, to properly and viably utilize their prestigious platform, to further his dreams and aspirations.

As a first step, this coming together will help him realize the first part of his goal of getting a viable space of his own in the metaverse. Further, through this platform and the space accorded to him in the metaverse, he will carry out the ambitious launch of the project very close to his heart, the Kuniverse. 

Per his plans, in the first category, where Kuniverse is concerned, the release date has been fixed for November 6, 2022. The magnificent contents will include various games related and connected to football, played in massive, well-styled stadiums. 

In terms of sheer entertainment, Kuniverse will be dotted with all forms of entertainment for the complete pleasure and satisfaction of all those who link up. This tremendous opportunity for Kun Aguero will also see him vehemently interacting with his endless stream of fans. The ultimate source of excitement would be in actually visualizing him playing football.



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