Stepping into the Future: PUMA’s Black Station 2 Transforms Retail with Metaverse Innovation

PUMA, the renowned sports company, has unveiled Black Station 2, a groundbreaking metaverse platform that revolutionizes the way we shop. This immersive digital retail experience seamlessly integrates the virtual and physical worlds, enabling users to purchase cutting-edge “phygital” footwear. Building upon the success of its initial launch during New York Fashion Week, Black Station 2 takes the concept of interactive shopping to new heights, offering two distinct and captivating virtual worlds where innovative footwear designs come to life.

The first world, Unkai, draws inspiration from the vibrant streets of Shibuya in Japan, infusing its dynamic colors and energetic elements into the footwear. The second world, Unter, captures the essence of Berlin’s underground club culture, incorporating design elements reminiscent of the city’s pulsating club scene.
Within these immersive worlds, the PUMA community not only has the opportunity to explore & discover new realms but also gains exclusive access to a range of never-before-seen phygital footwear.
At the forefront of this new release is the highly anticipated Fast-RB. Engineered with PUMA’s pinnacle running technologies, the Fast-RB boasts four strategically placed NITRO pods and three PWRPLATES, providing a truly unique and exhilarating running experience unlike any other.

Notable features of the Fast-RB include INITRO, an innovative nitrogen-infused foam technology that offers unparalleled responsiveness in an incredibly lightweight package, and PWRPLATE, designed to stabilize NITRO midsoles while maximizing energy transfer for powerful propulsion.

In addition to the captivating virtual worlds and groundbreaking footwear designs, PUMA Pass NFT holders, formerly known as the Nitro Collection, will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase Materializer NFTs, representing physical products that are yet to be produced, as well as Digital Collectible NFTs.
Only 4,000 of each NFT will be made available for purchase throughout the week, adding a sense of rarity & collectability to the experience.
As part of its 75th-anniversary celebration, PUMA is embracing the Web3 revolution and embracing its role as a pioneer in the metaverse. Black Station 2 serves as an always-on retail shopping experience that seamlessly complements PUMA’s existing ecommerce and brick-and-mortar formats.

In an effort to onboard sneaker enthusiasts to the world of Web3, PUMA has expanded purchase options within Black Station 2 to include credit card payments alongside cryptocurrency payment capabilities.

To realize the vision of Black Station 2, PUMA has partnered with MoonPay, leveraging their Web3 infrastructure and a suite of products such as HyperMint for NFT smart contract management and minting, as well as NFT Checkout to facilitate smooth NFT purchases in USD.

“We are incredibly excited to invite our community into these new worlds, offering an unparalleled shopping experience,” said Ivan Dashkov, Head of Web3 at PUMA.
“PUMA aims to meet our community where they shop while also exploring new & exciting opportunities within the realms of cryptocurrency & the metaverse.”

Ivan Dashkov, Head of Web3 at PUMA
Since the launch of Black Station in 2022, PUMA has continued to expand its NFT offerings and portfolio, with notable releases such as the Super PUMA PFP NFT earlier this year. With the transition from Nitro Collection to PUMA Pass, NFT holders gain exclusive access to new high-end PUMA products, further enriching the ownership experience.

To embark on your own journey through Black Station 2, visit and secure your limited-edition PUMA Pass NFT to unlock a world of immersive retail and exclusive offerings.
Immerse yourself in the vibrant streets of Unkai, where the spirit of Shibuya comes alive in every step, or venture into Unter, where the pulsating beats of Berlin’s club culture fuel your fashion-forward exploration.
With each purchase, you not only become the proud owner of cutting-edge phygital footwear but also join a passionate community of PUMA enthusiasts embracing the future of retail.

Whether you’re a sneaker aficionado, a tech enthusiast, or simply someone who craves unique and unforgettable shopping experiences, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Black Station 2.



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