Biconomy Collaborates with SPACE ID to Support Withdrawals to Domain Names .arb and .bnb

The worldwide crypto trading company Biconomy has recently started a collaboration with SPACE ID (a prominent name service forum). The partnership is focused on bringing their Web3-based domain names to facilitate more exchange platforms. The collaboration paves the way for a comprehensive integration of SPACE ID with the Web3 Name Software Development Kit (SDK) of Biconomy.

SPACE ID Integrates with Biconomy to Enable Withdrawals to .arb and .bnb with Web3 Name SDK

SPACE ID published a blog post on Medium to disclose the latest move. As per the platform, the integration will enable several benefits. It disclosed that the company will allow withdrawals with the help of the integration. This will additionally enable the consumers to easily use their separate domain names (.arb and .bnb names) to carry out token withdrawals. By doing this, they would be permitted to withdraw assets on Arbitrum One or BNB Chain.

Platform Thinks This Integration Will Drive Adoption on a Wider Level

The platform moved on to say that it is thrilled about the ongoing collaboration with Biconomy. As per the company, Biconomy operates as a popular platform focused on the trading of digital assets. In addition to this, the firm has a lot of expectations about this collaboration. It thinks that the partnership between the platforms will result in increased adoption of the Web3-based name services. Along with this, it also expects increased demand for its Web3 Name SDK on a broader scale.

According to SPACE ID, many prominent players within the market are integrating with its Web3 Name SDK. In this scenario, it added, the consumers will be provided an opportunity to utilize their modified names on diverse networks and ecosystems. It also asserted that this would be assistive in enabling consumers to have a consistent and unified experience.



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